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Message from the President

加島 禎二(Teiji Kashima)

To our shareholders and investors

Our company has supported the improvement in corporate value of leading Japanese enterprises from the aspects of “personnel” and “organizations” since the inauguration of our business in 1995, under the vision of “expanding the possibilities of people and enterprises and making the world affluent.”

Our core domain is the development of management leaders mainly through “Keiei-juku (Business Administration School),” which is a “corporate university” program led by the CEO for finding and training next-generation leaders. Our solid track record supported the development of mid-level managers and young personnel, the reform of organizational cultures, the development of human resources and organizations in ASEAN countries, China, etc., which are important issues for enterprises, so we were able to make long-term transactions with client companies, and establish the current business foundation.

Our business model is characterized by the partnership with professional talents, including lecturers and consultants. By utilizing the network with professional talents who possess outstanding expertise, business experience, and excellent personality (over 1,300 professional talents as of FY 2020), we have always striven to offer optimal solutions for respective clients. Our company will brush up this only one business model, and accelerate digitalization by utilizing HR technologies, analyzing data on personnel development, and so on, with the aim of growing at a higher pace than the average in this industry.

While the weight of “human capital” is increasing in terms of corporate value, the ability to change organizational capability qualitatively (transforming human resources and organization) will determine the future of the enterprise. The key to tackling this significant issue is to keep producing excellent leaders and transform organizational climate so that “diversity” and “replacing the old with the new” will be emphasized. However, as a matter of fact, Japanese enterprises’ strategic actions and investments for human resources and organizations are significantly inferior to those of global enterprises, and it is imperative to change.

Our company will continuously aim to play a part in sustainably improving the corporate value of large companies representing Japan by producing excellent leaders and helping foster a corporate culture that will expand the possibilities of individuals. We would like to hereby extend our heartfelt greetings to you. We would appreciate further support and encouragement from you.

‘April 6, 2021

President and CEO Teiji Kashima

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