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Privacy Protection Policy

The CELM Group has drawn up its Privacy Policy based on the following Personal Information Protection Guidelines. We will strive to familiarize all of our directors, officers and employees with this Policy, and to protect personal information.
Matters concerning the privacy of registered personal information are detailed in the “Privacy Protection Pledge” set forth below.

Personal Information Protection Guidelines

The companies of the CELM Group (hereinafter “CELM”) will strive to protect personal information appropriately, under the following guidelines.

1. Formulation and continuous improvement of regulations concerning personal information

Considering the importance of protecting the personal information of its employees, CELM will formulate regulations concerning the protection of personal information, thus ensuring the proper use and protection of personal information, and will strive to improve the same on a continuous basis.

2. Implementation of safety measures

CELM will implement safety measures to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information, and will strive to prevent unauthorized access to personal data, or the loss, damage, corruption or leakage of personal information.

3. Collection, use and provision of personal information

  • CELM will collect personal information using fair and legal means.
  • When CELM collects personal information, it will specify the purpose of use and will only use said information within the scope of that purpose.

4. Prohibition of provision/disclosure of personal information to a third party

CELM will appropriately manage entrusted personal information and will not disclose such personal information to a third part except in cases falling under any of the following items.

  • When CELM receives customer’s consent,and when CELM makes a written agreement under which CELM would abide by personal information protection standard and discloses personal information to a relevant party to which CELM entrusts services, in order to provide services requested by the customer.
  •  When requested by public authorities such as a court of law, the police, or other organization with equivalent authority to these, based on laws and regulations.
  • When otherwise provided by laws and regulations.
  • When consent is hard to obtain from a customer and when the customer or a third party needs their life, body, assets or honors protected.
  • When consent is hard to obtain from a customer and when CELM needs its rights, assets or services protected or defended from the violation of laws, regulations, terms of our services or precautions.

5. Compliance with laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information

When handling personal information, CELM will comply with all laws, regulations, and guidelines concerning the protection of personal information.

Privacy Protection Pledge

CELM will not publicly disclose or submit personal information to outside parties.
No personal information given when registering on this site will be publicly disclosed or provided to outside parties. When receiving requests from outside parties for the public disclosure or provision of personal information, CELM will refuse all such requests, thereby protecting the privacy of those registering personal information.
However, information provided by customers may be used, under appropriate management inside the company, in the following cases only.

  • As data for statistical use.
  • When CELM has judged that the registration of said personal information violates the interests of a third party, CELM may notify the content of the member’s registration to said third party, the police or the relevant authority.
  • When disclosure of the content of registered personal information is requested by a court of law, the public prosecutor’s office, the police, a bar association, a consumer center or other organization with equivalent authority to these, CELM may disclose information in accordance with said request.

CELM will rigorously manage the information of persons who have registered personal information, as well as all information ancillary to the same.
CELM will occasionally renew the database of personal information on this site. CELM will take all possible precautions against unauthorized access from outside, and will ensure that there can be no leakage of information.

Cookie policy

Our company uses cookies and similar technologies, for the purposes of analyzing how visitors to our website use it and providing customers with customized services and advertisements.

1. Regarding cookies and similar technologies

Cookie means a function to record the data on website browsing in customers’ browsers, etc. With the data of cookie, it is possible to identify the browser each customer used to access our website, but it is impossible to identify individual customers.

There are two kinds of cookies. One is “1st Party Cookie,” which is set by our company, and “3rd Party Cookie,” which is set by a third party serving as our partner company.

If a customer keeps browsing our website, said customer shall be deemed to have agreed that our company may use cookies in accordance with this policy.

Customers can disable the use of cookie, by setting your browser or completing the procedure at the provider of “3rd Party Cookie.” However, if you do so, some services will become unavailable. We would appreciate your understanding.

2. Purposes of use of cookie and similar technologies

By using the data collected with cookies and similar technologies, we may analyze how customers use our website (access, traffic, routing, etc.) to improve the performance of our website itself and services offered to customers via this website. In this case, we use the 3rd Party Cookie set by an enterprise that analyzes the status of access, etc.

In this analysis, mainly the following tool is used. The above data may be provided to the tool provider, too, and utilized for advertisements targeted at customers.

(1) Google Analytics Google Analytics is an access analysis tool provided by Google Inc.

Rules for using Google Analytics

Google’s privacy policy

Data collected with this tool
Status of use of our website by customers (access, traffic, routing, etc.)

3. How to reject cookie and similar technologies

(1) How to reject all kinds of cookies

By changing the settings for your browser, you can disable cookie. However, if cookie is disabled, some functions of our website may become unavailable or some webpages may not be displayed appropriately. We would appreciate your understanding.

For popular browsers, please access the following links.

Apple Safari

Google Chrome

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge

Mozilla Firefox

(2) How to reject the cookie of a specific tool

To check the method for stopping the provision of data to a specific tool, please refer to the help information or the like of the provider of said tool. If cookie is disabled, the availability of some products or services offered by each provider may decrease. We would appreciate your understanding.

Major tool providers

Google Inc.
Privacy policy

How to stop

Changes to this Pledge

CELM may change the content of this Pledge from time to time. The content of such changes will be posted on this site for one month, after which it will be assumed that all owners of registered personal information have consented to the change.
However, when the interests of third parties could be violated or in other unforeseen circumstances, the Pledge may be altered without the abovementioned period of notice.


CELM Inc. welcomes your questions, please contact the following.

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