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Introduction of Executives

Board of Director

  • President and Representative Director Teiji Kashima

    After graduating from the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Humanities (Bungaku-bu), Sophia University in 1990, he joined Recruit Image (Eizou) Co., Ltd. He built up practical experience in Sales, Consulting, and Training course instructor. In 1998, he joined CELM, served as the general manager of Planning Department and the branch manager of Kansai Branch Office, and then assumed the president and CEO (present post) in 2010. He was appointed to the managing director of CELM ASIA and the general manager of CELM (Shanghai) Inc. (Chinese name: 升励銘企業管理諮詢(上海)有限公司). He consistently advocates “Human resource development synchronizing with philosophy and strategy,” and has engaged in developing next management leaders, building human resource development systems, fostering of global human resources, pervading philosophies, organizational climate reformation, or such for 20 years. While working at the forefront of client’s projects, he keeps actively disseminating the whole concept of human resource developments which contribute to outstanding management and strong business.

  • Vice President and Representative Director Takuya Inoue

    After graduating from Osaka City University in 2000, he joined a business consulting company as a salesperson and engaged in planning and executing marketing strategies as the head of Osaka branch and the head of Kansai region. In 2008, he joined PMI Consulting Co., Ltd. and worked as a consultant focusing mainly on organization/human resources developments. He then served as the COO of WiLLSeed Co., Ltd., started the Singapore branch, and promoted new businesses in ASEAN as the executive officer (MD). In Uzabase, Inc. where he joined in 2018, he served as the managing director of the SPEEDA project and worked on starting a Customer Success Department, solving the user’s problem and developing new services. He joined CELM in 2019, served as the head of SOHATSU(Emergence) Labo., and has held the current post in 2020.

  • Board Director Toshio Yoshitomi

    After graduating from the Faculty of Economics, Hitotsubashi University in 1994, he joined ASAHI BANK (currently RESONA BANK). He engaged in wholesales in the domestic department and Germany branch, and management tasks relating to financial deal/bond issue of large corporations. After working as senior executives of several mid-sized companies and engaging in stock listing and management system development, he founded JANGLE Labo. While consulting business, he is working on a variety of activities such as explaining business models of growing companies for financial professionals. He joined CELM and assumed his current post in 2017.

  • Part-time Director Satoshi Koga

    After graduating from the School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University in 1981, he successively worked in Monsanto, Citibank, N.A., and McKinsey & Company, and then started Will Capital Management Co., Ltd. in 1997. He has invested in a total of more than 70 companies as an independent venture capitalist who specializes in start-up early stages, and has engaged in direct/indirect hands-on business development. He has served as a fellow of Office of Society Academia Collaboration for Innovation, a visiting professor of the Graduate School of Kyusyu University, a visiting professor of the Faculty of Economics of Ryukoku University. He assumed Part-time Director of CELM in 2016.


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    -“Fault Dimension of Strategy -The Choice Which Changes The Future of The Company” (in Japanese, 2009)
    -“Five Pet Phrases of Those Who Sort Out The Issues” (in Japanese, 2004)
    -“New BANKS’ Strategic Innovation” (in Japanese, 1997)

Non-executive Director

  • Non-executive Director Tatsuo Watanabe

    After graduating from Meiji University in 1987, he joined Sumitomo Life Insurance Company. Since 2004, he has been serving as an auditor/external director at listed companies at such as TSE Mothers and First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, while concurrently served as Chief Advisor of Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, and Director of Japan Open Innovation Council. He has been working on overall corporate management and corporate governance for the companies which are from start-ups to publicly traded. He was appointed as External Director of CELM in 2020.

  • Non-executive Director Kiyoshi Hirono

    He passed the second stage exam for the certified public accountant in 1995. After graduating from the Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University in 1997, he joined the auditing firm Tohmatsu & Co. and engaged in, besides auditing companies listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s First Section and foreign companies, IPO supporting tasks to assist client companies to be listed. He worked in Gaga Communications, Inc. before setting up his own firm in 2005. He currently serves as the representative director and president of WIDE BRAIN and the representative of HIRONO SOGO Accounting Firm to provide services including consultations for IR, M&A, and IPO and assistances for venture companies. He was appointed as External Auditor of CELM in 2018, and he became Outside Director of CELM in 2023.


    – “Introduction For Tax Accountant and Certified Public Accountant To The Practice of Consultation for Starting Up Business” (in Japanese, 2016)
    – “IPO Practical Skill Examination Official Textbook” (in Japanese, 2008)

  • Non-executive Director Mihoko Shintani

    She graduated from Keio University in 2001. In 2006, she was registered with the Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association and joined TMI Associates. She has been a part-time employee of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) since 2017 and a partner of TMI Associates since January 2020. In addition to IP strategy support and litigation, she has a particularly deep knowledge of the fields of AI / IoT / data (protection legislation, transactions) / aerospace / information / communications / media / IT. In 2021, she became an Outside director of CELM.

Executive Officer

  • Executive Officer Takuto Matsumura

    After graduating from the Faculty of Economics, Kansai University in 1995, he joined KEYENCE Corporation and engaged in consulting sales and area marketing strategies of sensors for factory automation, image processing cameras and data collection for various kinds of manufacturing industries including Automobiles, Steels, Chemicals, Electronics, and Semiconductors. In 2003, he joined CELM. He served as the manager of Business Incubation Office, and then in 2020, assumed the branch manager of Kansai Branch Office and the managing officer of Western Japan Area. He has been working towards the realization of talent managements that contributes to business developments.

  • Executive Officer Tomoyuki Yasuike

    After graduating from the College of Science and Engineering, Aoyama Gakuin University in 2003, he joined Cosmosmore Co., Ltd. (currently COSMOS INITIA Group) and engaged in real-estate development projects. He also engaged in the project of formulating and pervading the corporate philosophy. In 2006, he joined CELM, served as the manager of Eastern Japan MKT1 Department and the managing officer of Eastern Japan Area, and then assumed the present post. He mainly engaged in: building and managing a system for fostering management leaders; pervasion of company’s philosophy which serves as the foundation of group management; reformation of corporate climate; and PMI project. In an era of increasing diversification, he has been searching for an eigensolution for each company to maximize the intrinsic capability of human resources and organizations and to create strong and lasting management foundations.

  • Executive Officer Takeshi Haruna

    Takeshi Haruna is the head of capital policy and M&A strategies at CELM. He is also member of board of directors of two group companies (First Career and Human Strategies Japan). Prior to joining CELM in 2021, he served as the head of B2B Saas BizDev at Uzabase where he was involved in launching new business development. Prior to joining Uzabase, he worked at Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Investment Banking Business Unit and had been involved in number of cross-border M&A transactions. He received master’s degree from University of Nottingham (Managerial Economics).

  • Executive Officer Shingo Nakano

    After completing his master’s program in 2004, he joined Business Consultants, Inc. As the manager of the Sendai office and the Tokyo office, he was responsible for overall planning to execution of sales strategies. After that, he joined CELM in 2012 after working as an executive officer at a boutique consulting company. Appointed to current position after serving as Sales Promotion Office Manager, Marketing Department 2 Manager, and Strategy Promotion Unit Manager. He is mainly involved in client company management leader development, strategy implementation support consulting, and company-wide change management.

  • Executive Officer Yukihiro Toda

    After graduating from Nihon University (department of law) in 2003, he joined CELM as the very first new graduate employee of the company. He served as head of East Japan MKT2 department and general manager of Executive Development department. He is involved in increasing the effectiveness of client companies’ succession plans, and providing plan formulation and operational support for training and identifying president/CEO candidates.From 2023, he is responsible for implementing the “Succession Survey” to investigate the actual status of president/CEO succession plans.


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